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“The six research groups of IMFT develop a wide range of research on the physical and chemical phenomena occuring in fluid flows.

The fields of application are diverse in Engineering Sciences (nuclear engineering, petroleum engineering, aeronautics and space, land transport, combustion and reactive media, energy and raw material transformation), life sciences and environmental fluid mechanics.

The IMFT has advanced equipments that are shared by all the research groups.

The laboratory has four transversal topics that respond to several strategic objectives of the laboratory:

  • The first objective concerns the identification of major societal issues and areas of application
  • The second objective is to ensure an internal scientific animation, which associates different research themes on a transverse subject.
  • Finally, the third objective is to federate around these axes external partners for setting up national or international projects. “


Environmental Fluid Mechanics Platform

The wind tunnels

The IMFT has three wind tunnels

Transverses Axes

Energy and Industrial Processes

Transportation, Aeronautics & Space

Environment, resource and risk management

Health and Engineering for live science