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PIRE : Taming Water in Ethiopia

Conf’luence Amvrossios Bagtzoglou – ( Professor PIRE co-PI – UConn Civil and Environmental Engineering) Mercredi 10 avril à 10 h 30 – Amphithéâtre Nougaro
Abstract :

Professor Bagtzoglou, University of Connecticut co‐PI of the NSF project PIRE : Taming Water in Ethiopia, will present a seminar comprising three parts.

  • First,an overview of the PIRE project will be given describing the interdisciplinary approach chosen by the UConn and partner institutions team to develop and provide tools that will improve human security in Ethiopia, a waterdependent emerging region. Specific objectives are to improve seasonal hydrologic and crop yield forecasts at scales relevant to farmers and water managers, and test a political‐institutional model of science that challenges the assumption that innovation leads automatically to improved human security.
  • Second, the merits and implementation of citizen science to facilitate the integration of watershed, groundwater, and crop‐yield models will be discussed.
  • Finally, results from the recently tested Gilgel‐Abbay integrated watershed‐groundwater model will conclude the presentation