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Offre de thèse : Biophysical relationships between 3D networks of galleries and water flows in porous media: study by X-ray tomography and modeling

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Skills needed for the present PhD work:

The candidate must have a Master’s degree or an engineering degree with skills in fluid mechanics (particularly porous media). A Master in Water Science or Aquatic Ecology will be admissible if it includes lessons in fluid mechanics. An advanced level of scientific and technical English and good written and oral communication skills are required. A particular interest in experimental research activities (X-ray tomography, 3D image processing, breeding of invertebrate organisms) will be appreciated.
Knowledge or openness to ecological engineering, environmental management, wetlands, and water resources are welcome but not mandatory. You show autonomy and curiosity. You are sociable, creative and enjoy taking on challenges. Your involvement in associations related to sustainable development and social responsibility is a plus that will be appreciated.

Funding:  The financing of the Ph-D student will be provided by a scholarship from the Federal University of Toulouse.

Supervision and contact:

Paul Duru, MCF INPT, IMFT laboratory; (tel: 05 34 32 28 77)

Magali Gérino, PR UPS, LEFE laboratory; 

Send a resume, cover letter, and your most recent grades/ranking to the addresses listed above. Please indicate “ADI Thesis” in the subject of your email.