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Offre de stage M2 / Ingénieur : Croissance et dynamique d’une goutte dans un écoulement d’air

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Previously, the active grid has been made and assembly at the laboratory (see figure 1, right ), as well as the control system that drives the rods. This includes the command and synchronisation of all of the motors, and command laws capable to drive globally of independently the 20 motors that actuate the rotating rods. The aim of the present project is to integrate the active grid to the IMFT wind tunnel and then to investigate the free-stream turbulence produces downstream. The objective is to determine several scenarios of command laws depending on the desired level of turbulence in the test section. This will be performed for different flow conditions : (i) homogeneous turbulence in a spanwise/vertical section, sheared turbulence in (ii) vertical, (iii) spanwise, or (iv) both directions, and finally (iv) unsteady flow resulting of turbulent gusts generated by the active grid, as illustrated in figure 1(left). These experiments will be performed in a closed-loop wind tunnel facility at IMFT for which the active grid is mounted at the inlet of the test section. Measurements will mainly consist of hot-wire anemometry using single, multiple and/or rake mounted probes. Eventually, the active grid and the effects of the incoming turbulence will be investigated on ongoing research projects undertaken in the IMFT wind-tunnel, such as the study of vortex-induced vibrations of a finite cylinder in turbulent flow.

Skills requirement

 On the scientific part of the problem, fluid mechanics, turbulence and signal processing knowledges will be necessary. The intership is mainly experimental, therefore good practical sense and organisation are required. Matlab will be use to drive the data acquisition during fluid mechanics measurements, as well as for the data post-processing. Knowledges of this software would be then a benefit.

Durée / période : 5 mois – Lieu : IMFT

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Responsable(s) :

  • Romain Mathis
  • Remi Bourguet