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A knowledge hub

Toulouse tests, experiments, develops, innovates… The Technopole is up there with the very best urban hubs in Europe and its local area is home to major economic projects and world-leading companies: Airbus, ATR, Thales, Actia, Evotec and even NXP. The global capital of the aeronautics industry, at the cutting edge of the Space and digital sectors, transports and mobility of tomorrow and technologies of the future, its unique ecosystem is particularly adept at inspiring the work of businesses, universities and research centres.

Quite a history

Whether you are visiting Toulouse for the very first time or you are a regular, the beauty of the Ville Rose is always astounding. Its architecture is dominated by brickwork and Roman tiles, three sites feature on the UNESCO World Heritage list, its museums recount two thousand years of history, around one hundred private mansion houses recall the charm of the Golden Age of pastel, this unusual plant that was grown in the XVI Century for its blue pigment…without forgetting the allure of its well-preserved façades and narrow streets.