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IMFT – Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse (groupe Fluides & Particules)

2 Allée du Professeur Camille Soula, 31400 TOULOUSE 

Phone: +33 5 34 32 29 52



Open access to papers

  • Fry B., Lacaze L., Bonometti T. & Charru F., Effective properties of shear-driven immersed granular flows (submitted).
  • Louis-Napoleon A., Gerbault M., Bonometti T., Thieulot C., Martin R & Vanderhaeghe O., 3D numerical modeling of crustal polydiapirs with Volume-Of-Fluid methods. Geophys. J. Int. 222, 474-506 (2020) (read it)
  • Salinas J., Bonometti T., Ungarish M. & Cantero M., Rotating planar gravity currents at moderate Rossby numbers : fully-resolved simulations and shallow-water modeling. J. Fluid Mech. 867, 114-145 (2019) (read it) + Erratum J. Fluid Mech. 891, E1-3 (2020) (read it)
  • Bougouin A., Lacaze L. & Bonometti T. Collapse of a liquid-saturated granular column on a horizontal plane. Phys. Rev. Fluids 4, 124306 (2019) (read it)
  • Salinas J., Cantero M., Dari E. & Bonometti T., Turbulent structures in cylindrical density currents in a rotating frame of reference. J. Turbul. 19, 463-492 (2018) (read it)
  • Izard E., Lacaze L., Bonometti T. & Pedrono A. Numerical modeling of a granular collapse immersed in a viscous fluid. Advances in Hydroinformatics, Springer, Singapore, 1099-1116 (2018) (read it)
  • Bougouin A., Lacaze L. & Bonometti T., Collapse of a neutrally-buoyant-suspension column : from Newtonian to apparent non-Newtonian flow regimes. J. Fluid Mech. 826, 918-941 (2017) (read it)
  • Zgheib N., Bonometti T. & Balachandar S., Suspension-driven gravity surges on horizontal surfaces : effect of the initial shape. Comput. Fluids, 158, 84-95 (2017) (read it)
  • Izard E., Lacaze L., Bonometti T. Modelling the normal bouncing dynamics of spheres in a viscous fluid. EPJ Web Conf., 140, 09014 (2017) (read it)
  • Charru F., Bouteloup J., Bonometti T. & Lacaze L., Sediment transport and bedforms : a numerical study of two-phase viscous shear flow, Meccanica, 51, 3055–3065 (2016) (read it)
  • Gsell S., Bonometti T. & Astruc D., A coupled volume-of-fluid/immersed-boundary method for the study of propagating waves over complex-shaped bottom : application to the solitary wave, Comput. Fluids, 131, 56-65 (2016) (read it)
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  • Zgheib N., Bonometti T. & Balachandar S., Propagation and deposition of non-circular finite-release particle-laden currents, Phys. Fluids, 27, 086604 (2015) (read it)
  • Coundoul F., Bonometti T., Graba M., Sauvage S., Sanchez-Perez J-M. & Moulin F.Y. Role of local flow conditions in river biofilm colonization and early growth, River Res. Applic. 31, 350-367 (2014) (read it)
  • Izard E., Bonometti T. & Lacaze L. Resolved simulations of submarine avalanches with a simple soft-sphere / immersed boundary method. J. Comput. Multiphas. Flows 6 (4), 391-405 (2014) (read it)
  • Zgheib N., Bonometti T. & Balachandar S. Long-lasting effect of initial configuration in gravitational spreading of material fronts. Theor. Comput. Fluid Dyn. 28, 521-529 (2014) (read it)
  • Bigot B., Bonometti T., Lacaze L. & Thual O. A simple immersed-boundary method for solid-fluid interaction in constant- and stratified-density flows. Comput. Fluids 97, 126-142 (2014) (read it)
  • Izard E., Bonometti T. & Lacaze L. Modelling the dynamics of a sphere approaching and bouncing on a wall in a viscous fluid. J. Fluid Mech. 747, 422-446 (2014) (read it)
  • Harang A., Thual O., Brancher P. & Bonometti T. Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in the presence of variable viscosity for mudflow resuspension in estuaries. Env. Fluid Mech., 14, 743-769 (2014) (read it)
  • Bonometti T., Ungarish M. & Balachandar S. A numerical investigation of high-Reynolds number constant-volume non-Boussinesq density currents in deep ambient. J. Fluid Mech. 673, 574-602 (2011) (read it)
  • Bonometti T. & Balachandar S. Slumping of non-Boussinesq density currents of various initial fractional depths : a comparison between direct numerical simulations and a recent shallow-water model. Comput. Fluids 39, 729-734 (2010) (read it)
  • Harang A., Thual O., Brancher P. & Bonometti T. Stabilité d’un écoulement cisaillé modélisant la crème de vase. Revue Paralia 3, 8.1-8.12 (2010) (read it)
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  • Emerson Z.I., Bonometti T., Krishnagopalan G.A. & Duke S.R. Visualization of toner ink adsorption at bubble surfaces. TAPPI Journal 5, 10-16 (2006) (read it)

Book reviews

  • Bonometti T., 2011 An Introduction to Gravity Currents and Intrusions, Ungarish, M. (2009). CRC Press, 489pp. Int. J. Multiphase Flow 37, 1254-1255