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Offre de Post-Doc : Analysis of bi-lubricated flows over rough surfaces

24 months Post Doctoral Position

Location : Fluid mechanical Institute of Toulouse

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The job position duration is 24 months (ACS Funding 2019-2021). The location of the lab is Fluid Mechanic Institute of Toulouse (IMFT UMR 5502, allées du Pr Camille Soula, 31700 Toulouse. Some experiments association with the ellipsometer will be performed in Pau (200 km) from Toulouse.
The applicants must be PhD in soft matter physics/fluid mechanics with a special focus on experiments, possibly with advanced methods for metrology and imaging techniques. Previous experimental skills are thus mandatory. Modeling skills are also welcomed. The candidates must prepare a resume with accepted papers and recommendation letters. Written and oral English skills are appreciated. Salary including social insurance is > 2500€/ month.
Salary : depending of the experience it will be within 40-45 k€/year (medical care insurance included).


Franck Plouraboué

Gérald debenest