2010-2011 Floods in Eastern Australia, including Turbulence and Sediment Suspension in an Inundated Urban Environment during the 12-13 January 2011 Flood of the Brisbane River - Les crues de 2010-2011 en Australie orientale, incluant des mesures de terrain en zone urbaine inondée durant la crue de la rivière Brisbane les 12-13 janvier 2011

Séminaire Hubert CHANSON – Professor, School of Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland, Brisbane QLD 4072, Australia

Ce séminaire est proposé par l’axe Environnement, Gestion des Ressources et des Risques, en collaboration avec le groupe H20

Mardi 2 juillet à 11h00 – Salle Castex RDC

Abstract :

Eastern Australia was subjected to widespread rainfalls during the summer 2010-2011. Between the end of November 2010 and January 2011, about 75% of the State of Queensland was affected by some major flooding. Both large-scale flooding and flash floods took place causing substantial loss of life. In this presentation, the speaker will share his personal experience and observations of the floods and flooding in Central Queensland, South Queensland and South-East Queensland. He will present an unique series of field measurements conducted in the Brisbane CBD during the major flood of the Brisbane River in 12-14 January 2011. The inundation of the urban environment led to some complicated flow motion associated with significant sediment fluxes. The flood water sediment deposits were predominantly silty material with a median particle size about 25 μm. The results highlighted the large suspended sediment loads and fluctuations in the inundated urban setting. The field deployment was conducted in challenging conditions highlighting a number of practical issues during a natural disaster, including the stability of individuals in floodwaters.

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