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Heat and mass transfer

Reactive mass transfer at the interface of high-Reynolds number bubbles rising in a confined planar cell

Contact: Véronique Roig
Collaboration: F. Felis (FERMAT), K. Loubière (LGC), N. Dietrich (TBI), A.M. Billet (LGC), S. Herres-Pawlis (Univ. Aachen, Germany)

Using specifically developed experimental coloring methods allowing high spatial and temporal resolutions , we explore the mass transfer of oxygen around a bubble rising in various reactive media and the oxygen transport in their wake. Scaling laws for Sherwood numbers have been identified for a large range of Peclet number where various types of bubble motion develop.

Transport of oxygen around various bubbles rising in acetonitrile with the associated Mass transfer rate (From Felis et al., Chem. Eng. Sc., 2019)