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Support / Proximity & Infrastructure Division

Head: Yannick Exposito

His mission is to manage and develop the laboratory’s computing resources to support its research activities.

User assistance: 

User assistance: local service that manages recurrent situations: installations, purchases, breakdowns, reception of newcomers;

Operation and production: management of server systems, applications and steering of studies and projects.

The service’s activities are extended to several perimeters:

  1. Management of the material park (500 equipments), of the network infrastructure, of the telephony;
  2. Management of business applications provided by the supervisory authorities: accounting, financial and HR;
  3. Management of local computer resources: mail, web, user accounts and all essential applications to the operation of the network and services, such as backup;
  4. Assistance to research groups and general interest services to respond to their needs (technical service, workshop, human resources, communication service).