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General operation

Head : Denis Bourrel

Human ressources:

HR Management :

The HR manager handles with all information related to recruitment (permanent and contractual staff, interns, doctoral students…):  Preparation of recruitment files, extensions, remuneration, vacations, work interruptions, accident declarations.

He assists permanent employees in the various procedures, management of promotion campaigns and annual files, leave, time sheets, monitoring of staff training and preparation for competitive exams…

Financial management

Head: Denis Bourrel

The financial management of the laboratory is ensured by a Research Engineer, in link with the managers of conventions and the assistants of the research groups and the SIG. It consolidates all the financial data from the various information systems (Geslab and SIfac) in order to establish the annual budget and balance sheet.

This service is responsible for the diffusion and implementation of administrative and financial rules for research projects in accordance with the regulations of the institution. It ensures the interface between the different financial services of our supervisory bodies.

Real Estate and Logistics

Head: Bruno Bourret

The Real Estate and Logistics service is composed of an Assistant Engineer, a Technician and a Technical Assistant.

The service provides maintenance and work on the buildings and access to the site (badges, opening and closing of gates, setting of alarms), an agent is in charge of electricity for the whole site as well as on the experiments, a second agent is in charge of logistics (mail, deliveries, handling), small jobs and maintenance of green spaces.

Research support

Management of research projects 

Three managers ensure the follow-up of the research conventions:

  • Programming and progress report
  • Budgetary monitoring: mission order associated with the research project
  • Contract justification in the strict application of contractual obligations

Administrative assistance and management of groups and services

Three assistants help the research groups in their daily activities and the services on the financial aspect.

For research groups, they provide local support for research activities (reception, trainees, guests, statements of expenses, etc.), help with the collective life of the groups and administrative/financial support for group leaders.

For SIG and transversal axes, they manage expenses and monitor their budgets.