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Experimental Engineering

Head: Bernard Ferret

The Experimental Engineering Department take in charge the studies, developments, realizations and adjustments of original physical measurement devices and mechanical assemblies.

Ensure the design and study in DAO (CATIA software), in consultation with the researchers, and then the plans.

Technical advice and interface for external mechanical subcontractors.

The department’s technicians are responsible for setting up, monitoring and adapting the experimental devices in cooperation with the scientific teams, the mechanical design department and the image signals department.

The technician in charge of the experimental system assists the researchers during the measurement campaigns.

The team is composed of seven technicians and a manager. Each staff member is in charge of one of the seven experimental platforms of the IMFT.

The three main stages in the life cycle of an experimental device:

1. Design

  • Mechanical design (design, CAO), materials
  • Study and purchase of instrumentation (pressure sensor, flow meter, temperature sensor)
  • Study and purchase of equipment (pump, motor, variator).

2. Integration

  • Supervision of the manufacturing process
  • Assembly in compliance with the specifications
  • Consideration of hygiene/safety aspects
  • Micrometric and macrometric adjustment
  • Monitoring and improvement of experiments

3. Tests et trials

  • Validation of the safety aspects of the device in conjunction with the prevention assistants
  • Checking that the experiments are working properly
  • Settings of operating points
  • Participation in measurement campaigns