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Offre de stage : Effect of H2-enrichment on flame stabilization mechanisms in 3D printed PMB.

Submerged combustion inside Porous Media Burners (PMB) is a promising technology featuring fuel-flexibility, low pollutant emissions and broad power range [1, 2]. Behind these achievements stands the recirculation of heat from the burnt to the fresh gases via the porous matrix. In particular, the preheating of the gases ahead of the flame front enables a stable combustion of ultra-lean mixtures below the classical flammability limit, which in turn permits operation at reduced temperatures of minimal NOx emissions. Regarding the energy transition, the fuel-flexibility of PMB makes them a relevant candidate to harness the full spectrum of H2-CH4 blends, thereby enabling CO2 abatement.

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Candidate requirements
The selected master student will be mostly working in a laboratory, gathering, post-treating and analyzing experimental data. A minimum level of attraction/curiosity for experimental work is envisaged. The position requires a solid background in fluid dynamics, heat transfer and thermodynamics. Advanced skills in python are also necessary. Labview is envisaged but not disqualifying. Above all, motivation, curiosity and passion for science are the
most valued features.
Applicants are asked to send their CV and a cover letter to the email address Enriqué Flores Montoya . Do not hesitate to ask for further details about the position