Complex interfaces in confined flows

Séminaire Corentin Trégouet – post-doctorant à l’Institut de Physique de Rennes

Mercredi 20 novembre à 14 h 00 – 16h, Salle de réunion INTERFACES (Bât. Escande 2e étage)

Résumé :
Interfaces have a key role in industrial processes such as foaming and defoaming, liquid deposition, or drying, in the fields as various as metallurgy, cosmetics, food science, etc. Despite of their importance, a lot remain to be understood, especially regarding the coupling between chemical composition, microscopic interactions and mechanical response of the interface which is the aim of interfacial rheology. In a first part, I will introduce multilayer polymer membranes build on liquid interface for encapsulation : adsorption dynamics, rheology in model geometries, and microfluidics characterization of capsules. In a second part I will present complex Marangoni flows generated by gradients of surface concentration of soluble surfactants.

Séminaire du groupe Interfaces