Training : Practise of AD with Tapenade

RTRA 3C2T Event Automatic Differentiation

Teacher : L. Hascoet

Mercredi 16 Octobre

8 h 30 – 12 h 30 – Salle des Séminaire Castex

Abstract :

This training will start with a presentation focused on the AD tool Tapenade, followed by a hand-on session on a medium-size toy CFD code (TinyFlow). Our goal is that each participant finally obtains validated
tangent derivatives and adjoint derivatives of TinyFlow. If time permits, we may continue on the same
code, with the goal of refining AD to improve efficiency of the differentiated TinyFlow.
The participants must have already installed on their own laptop a Fortran compiler, and a C compiler compatible with it (suggested gnu or intel…). Participants should also have installed Java jdk 1.8, and the Tapenade tool itself. Please do it several days before the training day.
The free «academic» or «evaluation» licenses can be found at :

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