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Thèse Ziad Hamidouche

13 février 2017

Modeling and numerical simulation of coupled reactive fluidized beds in a Chemical Looping Combustion system

Soutenance de thèse Ziad Hamidouche

Mardi 21 Février - Amphithéâtre Nougaro à 10h30

Résumé :

In this work, reactive unsteady three-dimensional numerical simulations of a Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC) plant are performed. The plant is a 120 kWth pilot working with CaMn0.9Mg0.1O3−δ as selected oxygen carrier. Numerical simulations are performed by NEPTUNE_CFD code using an Euler-Euler approach which computes both the gas and the solid phases in an Eulerian fashion accounting for specific closures in order to model interphase mass, momentum and energy transfers. Reduction and oxidation heterogeneous (i.e. gas-solid) reactions are modeled by means of a grain model (shrinking core model in the grain) accounting for both the competing mechanisms of chemical reaction at the particle internal surface and gaseous diffusion through the product layer. Results from numerical simulations are validated against experimental measurements and analyzed in order to gain insight in the local behavior of the reactive gas-particle flow in the CLC system. The theoretical/numerical tool developed in this work will be used for design upgrade recommendation in the stage of scaling-up from pilot to industrial facilities.

Jury :

  • FLAMANT Gilles (PROMES, CNRS), Rapporteur
  • TADRIST Lounès (IUSTI, Aix-Marseille), Rapporteur
  • AUTHIER Olivier (EDF), Examinateur
  • DEBENEST Gérald (IMFT, INPT), Examinateur
  • PEPIOT Perrine (CORNELL), Examinatrice
  • YAZDANPANAH Mahdi (TOTAL) , Examinateur
  • MASI Enrica (IMFT, UPS), Co-Directrice de thèse
  • SIMONIN Olivier (IMFT, INPT), Directeur de thèse