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Séminaire Marc Massot

19 mai 2014

Eulerian moment methods and realizable and robust numerical schemes for the description of polydisperse sprays in laminar and turbulent two-phase flows

Marc Massot - EM2C, École Centrale Paris

Vendredi 23 mai à 11 h 00

Salle Castex Rdc

Résumé :

The modeling and simulation of multiphase reacting flows covers a large spectrum of applications ranging from combustion in automobile and aeronautical engines to atmospheric pollution as well as biomedical engineering. In the framework of this seminar, we will mainly focus on a disperse liquid phase carried by a gaseous flow field which can be either laminar or turbulent ; however, this spray can be polydisperse, that is constituted of droplets with a large size spectrum, as well as polykinetic for inertial particles, which lead to particle trajectory crossing at small scale. The purpose of this seminar is to introduce to the Eulerian modeling of polydisperse spray for various applications, that is the disperse liquid phase carried by a gaseous flow field is modeled by « fluid » conservation equations through potentially high order moment methods. Such an approach is very competitive for real applications since it has strong ability for optimization on parallel architectures and leads to an easy coupling with the gaseous flow field resolution. We will present the necessary steps in order to develop such models and related computational code : mathematical modeling through Eulerian moment methods, development of new dedicated stable and accurate numerical methods, implementation of optimized algorithms as well as verification and validations of both model and methods using other codes and experimental measurements.