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Séminaire Laust Tophøj

22 mai 2014

Fusion energy in magnetically confined plasmas using fluid models

Laust Tophøj - Technical University of Denmark

Mercredi 11 juin à 11 h 00

Amphithéâtre Nougaro

Résumé :

Fusion promises to provide safe, clean and abundant energy. Experiments are currently being built, which will test the feasibility of fusion power production. The plasma boundary, the so-called scrape-off-layer (SOL), seperates the extreme temperatures of the fusion plasma from the surrounding world. Whatever goes into or out of the plasma, has to pass here, and the overall performance of a fusion power plant is strongly constrained by turbulent heat and particle transport in the SOL. This talk discusses fusion from my own point of view as a fluid mechanicist and relative newcomer to the plasma field. I will give a broad introduction to magnetic confinement fusion and discuss fluid models used in the development of magnetic confinement fusion.