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Séminaire Jan Pralits

9 juin 2015

Fluid Mechanics of the eye : recent progress at the University of Genoa.

Jan Pralits, DECCA, University of Genoa, Italy.

Mercredi 17 juin à 10 H 00 - Amphithéâtre Nougaro

Résumé :

A study regarding the fluid mechanics of the eye can improve the understanding of
different aspects of the eye and in some cases give guidance to surgical procedures.
In this presentation recent progress at the Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental
Engineering at the University of Genoa in Italy will be shown. In particular the talk will be divided

in to four parts :

  • Linear stability analysis of the interface between aqueous humor and vitreous substitutes in vitrectomised eyes in order to explain a possible path versus emulsification.
  • Changes in Intra-ocular pressure and wall-shear stress on the cornea and iris in the anterior chamber, with and without the presence of an intro-ocular lens.
  • Study of the tendency to further detach different cases of retinal breaks in the vitreous chamber using a fluid-structure interaction analysis.
  • Study of the equilibrium shape of the aqueous humour-vitreous substitute interface in vitrectomised eyes in order to provide guidelines for surgical procedures.