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Séminaire G. Zampogna

28 octobre 2016

Homogenized-based modelling of flows over and through poroelastic media

Séminaire G. Zampogna
(Post-Doc IMFT)

Mercredi 16 novembre à 11 h 00

Salle Castex Rez de chaussée

Abstract :

In Nature, fluid-structure interactions are often characterized by separation of scales, due to the presence of small-scale roughness or deformable irregularities present on macroscopic
surfaces. It is the case, for instance, of the scales which cover the wings of the butterflies or the shark’s skin, the barbules which characterise the owl’s feathers or the microscopic protrusions present on the surface of lotus’ leaves. A way to bypass the complexity of fine-grained numerical simulations is to consider macroscopic approaches which disregard the microscopic properties of the structure aside from the presence of effective tensorial properties which results from the solution of microscopic problems. A particular attention is paid also to regimes in which inertia within the pores is not negligible.