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Numerical Simulation of Spreading, Sliding and Coalescing Drops on Surfaces

28 janvier 2013

Résumé :

In this thesis we focus on some of the commons behavior of drops, that consists in spreading, sliding or coalescing on a surface. We consider numerical simulations of drop-wall interaction phenomena where wetting plays an important role. The numerical approach used is the Volume Of Fluid module in the JADIM code developed at IMFT. The particularity of JADIM is that no reconstruction of the volume fraction is done at any step allowing to treat coalescence or detachment without any ’ad-hoc’ procedure. A new control of interface stabilization by aid of a Gaussian filter is proposed. The code is tested simulating the spreading, the sliding and the coalescing of drops. The spreading of a drop on an horizontal surface is studied with an 3D axisymmetric simulation in order to validate the numerical model. We take into account of the dynamic contact angle depending on the contact line normal Capillary number, and we have developed a strategy for simulating 3D hysteresis. We present the validation of our tool by three dimensional simulation of a drop sliding on a inclined plane, where we investigate the incidence of the contact angle modelization (hysteresis and dynamic contact angle) on the whole dynamics of the drop, comparing the results with experience. Furthermore we propose some results of 2D and 3D coalescence with a particular attention on the effect of hysteresis on the drop shape.

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