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Séminaire Pr Ulrich Ruede

25 janvier 2017

« Méthodes Lattice Boltzmann pour la CFD - Description des méthodes LBM en mécanique des fluides sur machines massivement parallèles »,

Séminaire Pr Ulrich Ruede - Univ. Erlangen

Vendredi 3 Février à 10 h 00 Amphithéâtre Nougaro

Abstract :

Lattice Boltzman methods have become popular as an alternative method to simulate complex single or multiphase flows on parallel computers. One of their strengths is in simulating multiphase systems such as bubbly flows or foams. When coupled with methods to model granular objects, the LBM can also be used to simulate fluids with
a suspended particulate phase. In this talk we will report on our scalable, adaptive LBM implementation that can reach up to a trillion (10^12) fluid cells on current Peta-Scale supercomputers. The practical relevance of these methods will be illustrated with simulations of an additive manufacturing (3D-printing) process.