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EUROMECH COLLOQUIUM 588 Coupling Mechanisms...

The Euromech colloquium n° 588 entitled « Coupling Mechanisms and Multi-Scaling in Granular-Fluid Flows », organized by Diego Berzi and Laurent Lacaze, will be held on 2-5 October 2017 at IMFT in the city of Toulouse, France. The objective of this conference is to provide an opportunity for discussing the latest developments in the modelling of granular flows immersed in a fluid, from the scale of the grain to that of the whole system. The colloquium will bring together researchers studying (...)

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Workshop on « flow control and actuation »

Mardi 21 novembre Amphithéâtre Nougaro

Abstract :

The 3 years-project CARPE, funded by the RTRA STAE aimed to develop new flow control strategies applied on a separated wake behind a thick flat plate. The mini workshop will present some of the conclusions of this project and additional results produced in the last months by the partners (IMFT, IMT, ISAE, ONERA, LAAS). Some guests from outside Toulouse will present as well their activities on the flow control field

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Colloque : Un siècle de Mécanique des Fluides, 1870 - 1970

Mercredi 19 au Vendredi 21 octobre 2016 - Toulouse

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