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Conférence Kambiz Vafai le 13 juillet

7 juillet 2011

Specialized Transport Aspects in Water Processing

13 juillet à 14h
Amphithéâtre Nougaro
Pr. Kambiz Vafai, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
University of California

Résumé :
Biofilm formation on the surface of adsorptive media such as granular activated
carbon (GAC) has been broadly used to remove organic materials, nitrogen
species, heavy metals and other contaminants in wastewater treatment. In this
study, a multilayer mass transfer model consisting of the reactor’s bulk fluid,
diffusion layer, biofilm and GAC is utilized. The interfacial interactions based on
the equilibrium at the interface of biofilm and activated carbon is taken into
account in the biodegradation process. The results of model prediction are
compared with the available experimental data and show a very good
agreement. The effect of biofilm formation on the reactor porosity is considered
through a porous media approach. Furthermore, the influence of variation in
particle diameter on the removal efficiency is studied. It is shown that porosity
alteration as a result of biofilm formation within the Carbon bed has a noticeable
effect on the removal efficiency. The presented model takes into account the
fundamental mechanisms of transport in bulk fluid, diffusion layer, biofilm and
GAC. Combination of all these mechanisms along with accounting for the
interfacial phenomena provides us with a model, which is able to predict the
efficiency of biosorption for water decontamination.