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Conférence John Selker le 11 juillet

11 juillet 2011

Experimental methods for high-resolution of soil-gas-water-colloidal processes from scales of
mm to km.

11 juillet à 14h
Amphithéâtre Nougaro

Pr. John Selker, Oregon State Universityrésumé :

Résumé :
It is often repeated that a grand challenge of understanding ecological systems is the accurate
representation of these processes across many scales of time and space. Here we will describe several
strategies to make quantitative multi-scale observations. We will share results of multi-spectral lighttransmission
laboratory experiments which quantify water content, water flux, gas flux, solute
transport, colloidal transport, and microbial growth and transport at scales of 0.01 to 2.0 m. For
field conditions we have pioneered the use of fiber-optic-based observations, which allow
measurement of temperature with resolution of approximately 0.2 C, 0.25 m, and 1.0 s over spans
exceeding 10 km. The use of passive observation of temperature will be demonstrated in quantifying
groundwater-surface water interactions. The use of actively heated fiber optics will be discussed with
respect to the quantification of moisture content and water flux in soil systems. We will argue that
significant opportunities are opening to provide the observations required to advance understanding
of how environmental processes scale from cm to km scales.