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Conférence Faïçal Larachi 16 novembre

11 octobre 2012

Lateral nanomixing and velocity profile of dilute ferrofluid capillary flows in uniform DC, AC and rotating magnetic fields : Single- and multiphase flow cases

Faïçal Larachi (professeur - Univ. Laval, Québec)

vendredi 16 novembre à 15h30

Amphithéâtre Nougaro

Abstract :

The influence of magnetic-field dependent viscosity on molecular transport of species in dilute ferrofluids is studied via Taylor dispersion tests in capillary tubes. Suspended magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) subject to magnetic field and low Re shear flow field were used. Axial dispersion was quantified on the basis of residence time distributions (RTD) and tracer injection tests conducted in three distinct situations with capillary flows subject to a) uniform transverse rotating magnetic field (TRMF), b) uniform transverse oscillating magnetic field (TOMF) and c) uniform axial static magnetic field (ASMF).