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Colloquium A Century of Fluids Mechanics 1870 - 1970

28 mars 2016

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The conference aims at offering a panoramic view of the developments of fluid mechanics from 1870 to 1970, in an interdisciplinary perspective bringing together mechanicians, historians, physicists, social scientists and mathematicians. Presentations will deal with the major actors of the discipline (notably French, German, English, Italian and Russian) and the role of academic institutions, scientific policies and industry. The colloquium is open to any person wishing to simply participate or present a paper. Talks may be given in French or in English.

Invited speakers : Olivier Darrigol (UMR SPHere, CNRS), Michael Eckert (Deutsches Museum, Munich), Claudine Fontanon (CNAM Paris), Uriel Frisch (Univ. Nice), Mikhael Gorokhovski (E.C. Lyon), Gérard Maugin (Univ. Paris 6), Keith Moffatt (Univ. Cambridge), Pierre-Éric Mounier-Kuhn (CNRS & Univ. Paris Sorbonne), Rossana Tazzioli (Univ. Lille), Pierre-Louis Viollet (ENPC Paris), José Eduardo Wesfreid (ESPCI, CNRS).

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Submissions for oral communications or poster contributions will follow the template below (two pages abstract), and will be dropped on the website. They will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee. The duration of the communications will be 20 minutes.

Deadline for abstract submission : 30 June 2016

Answer to authors (talk/poster selection) : 31 July 2016