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COLIN Catherine

Catherine Colin
Professor Toulouse INP/ENSEEIHT
Researcher at IMFT
Interfaces Group
Tel : +33 6 34 32 28 25


  • 1987 : Engineer E.N.S.E.E.I.H.T. – Department of Fluid mechanics.
  • 1990 : PhD Thesis of I.N.P.T. speciality : Fluid mechanics at the Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse
  • 1991 : Researcher at CNRS
  • 2000 : HDR Habilitation to supervise PhD student research
  • 2002 - Professor at Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse – Fluid Mechanics Department at ENSEEIHT.


At the Fluid Mechanics, Energetics and Environment department of ENSEEIHT : courses at Batchelor and Master levels in fluid mechanics, Solid mechanics, two-phase Flows, Thermodynamics, Boiling and condensation - Supervision of pratical training of students


• Two-phase gas-liquid flows : turbulence and phase distribution, coalescence and break-up
• Pool and flow boiling in normal and microgravity conditions : experiments in microgravity conditions (parabolic flights, sounding rocket, ISS)
• Bubble dynamics : vaporization, growth, detachment, coalescence, break-up
• Study of rapid transient boiling.

Research supervision and coordination

  • 2007-2016 : Co-Head of the Doctoral School : Mechanics, Energetics, Civil Engineering and Process of the University of Toulouse - 380 PhD Students
  • 2013-2017 Head of the Interface Group of Institute of Fluid Mechanics Toulouse (12 researchers and Professors, 5 post-docs, 20 PhD Students + 10 Master students per year)
  • 2002-2011 : responsible of a french network supported by CNRS on two-phase flows systems for cooling electronic devices (GDR TES and SYREDI).
  • 2012-2018 Coordinator of the MAP programme MANBO (Multiscale ANalysis of BOiling) from the European Space Agency
  • 2016 : Vice President of the Institut National Polytechnique of Toulouse in charge of Research and Innovation (13 laboratories – 700 researchers)

Editorial board

• Associated Editor of International Journal of Multiphase Flows, Elsevier since 2018 (
• Associated Editor for Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, Elsevier from 2010 to 2018 (
• Associated Editor for Mécanique et Industrie, EDP Sciences , 2005-2018
• Member of the Editorial board of Multiphase Science and Technology 2008-2019

Scientific supervision
18 PhD supervised (already defended) + 3 (in progress)- 13 post-docs

Publications : Author ID : 57197938153

Book Chapters


  • COLIN C. & GOYEAU B., Chapitre 6 : Approche multi-échelle et phénomènes de transport en changement de Phase, Les changements de phase solide-liquide-vapeur Tome 1 I. Fondements et applications, Editions du CNRS, ISBN : 978-2-271-07735-6, 2016
  • COLIN C., NARCY M., Experimental study and Modelling of Flow Boiling in Tube in Normal and Microgravity Conditions, Chapter 3, Encyclopedia of two-phase heat transfer and Flow IV, edt. World Scientific, 2018, ISBN 978-981-3234-45-1 (Vol 4)
  • BONJOUR J., COLIN C., REVELLIN R., Chapitre 3 : Ebullition, Les changements de phase solide-liquide-vapeur Tome 2 : Vaporisation, condensation, fusion, solidification, Editions du CNRS, ISBN : 978-2-271-07735-6, 2016

List of recent selected publications

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